Xi Jinping scolds Trudeau, it's China's economic strength against Canada


An unusual moment occurred at the G20 Bali High-Level Conference (KTT). President of China Xi Jinping filmed lecturing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

As CNN reported on Thursday (11/17/2022), Xi Jinping's translator said there were “discussions that were leaked to the public.” Xi Jinping's hands were seen moving in gestures as if to emphasize what he was saying.

“Everything we discussed has been leaked in documents and it is inappropriate,” Xi Jinping’s translator said.

“And that’s not how negotiations happen,” Xi Jinping’s translator said.

Apart from this, the economic strength of each country depends Xi Jinping and Trudeau is interesting to watch. Like what?

According to World Bank data, China's gross domestic product (GDP) in 2021 is 17.73 trillion US dollars. GDP itself is the amount of value added produced by all business units in a given country, or the total value of final goods and services produced by all economic units. GDP is an important indicator for determining the economic situation of a country.

Furthermore, China's GDP per capita was recorded at 12,556.3 US dollars. China's economic growth was then recorded at 8.1%.

Meanwhile, the number of unemployed in China was recorded at 4.8% of the total working population. Then, inflation in 2021 will be 1%.

Canada's GDP is much lower than that of China. In the same year, Canada's GDP was US$1.99 trillion. However, the GDP per capita is higher, namely 52,051.4 US dollars.

Canada recorded economic growth of 4.6%. Unemployment then represented 7.5% of the total working population and inflation was 3.4%.


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