It's getting hotter and hotter! China reacts to the expulsion of Canadian diplomats


Government China immediately take retaliatory measures after Canada expelled diplomats seen as intimidating that country's parliamentarians. Beijing announced expulsion The Canadian consul in Shanghai was asked to leave the country immediately.

As reported AFPTuesday (9/5/2023), the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs determined 'persona non grata” against the Consul General of Canada Jennifer Lynn Lalonde in a statement in English published online Tuesday (9/5), local time.

“China reserves the right to react further,” China’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement announcing Lalonde’s expulsion.

Lalonder was ordered to leave China immediately by May 13.

“China strongly condemns and strongly opposes it and has proposed Steps “(The policy measures) constitute a serious and vigorous protest against Canada,” China's Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

“As a reciprocal measure in response to Canada's immoral actions, China has decided to establish a persona non grata against Jennifer Lynn Lalonde, consul at the Canadian Consulate General in Shanghai,” said the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Beijing's decision came after Canadian Foreign Minister Mélanie Joly declared persona non grata against a Chinese diplomat named Zhao Wei, posted to Toronto. Canada also declared that it “will not tolerate any form of foreign interference in our internal affairs.”

“We remain firm in our determination that the defense of democracy is the most important thing,” Joly stressed in his statement.

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