Viral Canadian Beauty Wears Hijab and Converts to Islam, Netizens Say

Riki Ariyanto

February 23, 2021, 09:32

RIAU24.COM – Viral TikTok videos can come from different countries. Like Megan Robert, a convert from Canada, her video went viral on Tiktok Indonesia.

This usually happens because Tiktok has a FYP (for your page) system that allows videos to be streamed to other users around the world. Megan Robert herself posted a TikTok video talking about converting to Islam.

At first, Megan Robert was worried because she was Muslim and was not popular with Internet users. However, he received many positive responses, so the @muslimmegan account was followed by more than 216,000 followers.

In the video, Megan Robert says she was born to a French-Canadian mother, and that her father was French. Both of his parents are not Muslims. But Megan Robert is determined to be Muslim and wear the hijab.

“Thank God. I’m so grateful for everything,” Megan Robert said in one of the videos.

Many netizens from all over the world have made positive comments. Including Indonesian netizens who provide support and say hello.

@raneea88: “Wake up, sister. »

@intan Muthia: “Assalamu’alaikum, greetings from Indonesia.”

@levanna: “How come your sister has really white skin.”

@isna fitri: “Wake up my sister. »

@Hameed Khan: “Belief in Allah is the solution to all problems. »

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