Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s new beard is causing a stir in cyberspace

Jakarta (ANTARA) – For the second time in five months, Canadian internet users are obsessed with Justin Trudeau’s face.

In September, an old photo of the Prime Minister of Canada with his face painted black created problems during the election campaign.

According to Reuters, in January, Trudeau’s beard became the subject of much discussion in cyberspace after the photo was uploaded to Instagram by a private photographer, showing Trudeau pensive with his face adorned with a thin beard.

The Instagram post was filled with comments such as “We need answers about beards” and the hashtag #trudeaubeard was trending on Canadian Twitter with thousands of posts discussing the topic.

Trudeau previously appeared with a beard and mustache, but as prime minister his appearance was always smooth and his mustache and goatee were always shaved.

His office did not respond to questions about whether Trudeau planned to continue appearing with his beard.

Canadian popular culture commentator Shinan Govani said the beard was reminiscent of Trudeau’s father Pierre, who sported a similar look when he was in opposition in 1979.

“If any world leader could match Brooklyn’s creative vision, it’s Justin,” he wrote in an email.

Ian Capstick, political style consultant and former New Democratic Party (NDP) advisor, says he predicts the post-holiday beard will be short-lived: “It’s a risky choice at this point for him to give feels like he’s giving his beard too much space while the world burns. »

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