Bogor invited to promote tourism, investment and business in Canada

Bogor (ANTARA) – The Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia (KJRI) in Toronto, Canada, has submitted several cooperation proposals to the Bogor City Government (Pemkot) in the fields of tourism, investment and business.

“We have submitted a proposal to the Bogor city government to explore the possibility of cooperation, especially in the tourism sector,” Indonesian Consul General in Toronto Leonard F Hutabarat told the Bogor City Hall, after meeting with the Deputy Mayor of Bogor. Dedicated to Rachim.

He said his party had submitted three proposals for cooperation. First of all, cooperation in the tourism sector, regarding the Consulate General of Indonesia in Toronto which will organize the “Indonesian Summer Festival” on July 18, 2020.

“We hope that Bogor City can present cultural arts performances and tourism promotions that will attract the attention of Canadians and encourage them to travel to Indonesia, especially Bogor,” he said.

According to him, the number of Canadian tourists visiting Indonesia reaches 100,000 per year.

Second, the Consulate General of Indonesia in Toronto encourages investment opportunities, both from Indonesian entrepreneurs investing in Canada and Canadian entrepreneurs investing in Indonesia, particularly in Bogor.

“Bogor has business entities that allow it to explore investments in Canada. On the other hand, Canadian entrepreneurs will also invest in Bogor in other sectors,” he said.

Third, Canada is interested in collaborating with the Bogor Botanical Gardens, which is facilitated by the Bogor City Government. “One of the points of this collaboration with the Botanical Gardens is how Canadian tourists can visit the Bogor Botanical Gardens,” he said.

According to Leonard, during this visit, his party explored several aspects of cooperation, such as trade, investment and tourism. “There are also opportunities to export products and raw materials from Bogor to Canada,” he said.

Leonard explained that many of the products coming into Toronto from Indonesia, particularly Bogor, are agricultural products, plantation products like coffee, tea, vanilla and cinnamon. Other products, such as textiles, shoes and swallow’s nests.

“So there are several opportunities for Bogor products that can be marketed in Canada,” he said.

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