Delivering letter, Indonesian ambassador promised to improve relations with Canada

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Indonesian Ambassador to Canada, Daniel Simanjuntak, handed over a letter of confidence (credentials) to the Governor General of Canada, Mary Simon, and promised to improve relations between Indonesia and the Canada.

Delivering a letter of confidence from President Joko Widodo on Wednesday (27/4), Ambassador Daniel Simanjuntak said he would encourage economic cooperation between Indonesia and Canada, according to a statement from the Indonesian Embassy in Ottawa received Friday in Jakarta.

“The presentation of these credentials is for me an important provision to encourage various concrete cooperation efforts between Indonesia and Canada, especially in the business sector,” Ambassador Daniel said while in on the veranda of Rideau Hall, the residence of the Governor General of Canada.

The presentation of credentials is an important moment for an ambassador as a representative of a country because this activity is the symbolic reflection of the recognition of an ambassador by the host country.

“Indonesia and Canada have more similarities than differences. Both are large maritime countries, so Indonesia and Canada must continue to forge stronger and more strategic cooperation in the future,” said Daniel .

He said he would continue his efforts to encourage bilateral cooperation between Indonesia and Canada in various sectors, one of which is within the framework of environmentally friendly mobility technologies, renewable energy and managing the impacts of climate change.

Ambassador Daniel also said that in a one-on-one conversation after the credentials presentation ceremony, Governor General Simon expressed his appreciation for Indonesia’s leadership in the G20 and hoped that this position would be used to encourage increased cooperation between Indonesia and Canada.

Furthermore, the Governor General of Canada expressed optimism regarding the Indonesia-Canada economic partnership plan under the Indonesia-Canada Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (ICA-CEPA).

Following up on discussions with the Governor General of Canada, Ambassador Daniel said a number of existing programs and activities of the Indonesian Embassy in Ottawa would continue and be improved.

Daniel discussed several issues that were on his agenda, including the development of cooperation with several Canadian pension funds and the advancement of negotiations on a comprehensive economic partnership agreement.

Apart from this, he will continue exploration with a number of Canadian mining and strategic raw materials companies, using diaspora networks and meeting with a number of members of the Canadian Parliament.

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