Drake Residence Shooting Controversy: What Was the Perpetrator's Motive Behind This Incident?

URBANBANDON – The Canadian entertainment world was once again shocked by the shooting outside the home of famous rap star Drake in Toronto early Tuesday morning. A security guard was allegedly shot and seriously injured.

This event certainly raises deep concerns, not only among Drake fans, but also in Canadian society in general. The shooting in Toronto's upscale Bridle Path neighborhood became the main media story and raised many questions.

According to police reports, the shooting happened around 2 a.m. local time. A security guard on duty outside Drake's home was reportedly the victim and suffered a gunshot wound to the upper chest.

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The security guard was unconscious when he was found and was immediately taken to hospital for surgery.

Toronto Police Inspector Paul Krawczyk said his team has contacted Drake's team and is cooperating with the investigation. Krawczyk also said information is currently very limited, but police found surveillance video footage that captured the incident.

Shooting at Drake's home happened while she was driving

Based on preliminary information, reports indicate the shooting happened while he was driving.

Police sources previously told CBC News that the victim suffered a gunshot wound to the upper chest and was unconscious when officers arrived on scene.

Although Krawczyk could not say for sure whether the shooting happened during a drive-by, he acknowledged that a vehicle was involved in the incident.

However, Krawczyk could not provide further explanation regarding the vehicle or suspect involved.

Meanwhile, one of the neighbors, Richie Lai, said he heard three or four gunshots on Tuesday morning, which were then followed by the sound of a speeding car.

Lai admitted that at first he thought he was dreaming, but a few minutes later he heard the sound of an ambulance siren.

Police could not determine motive for shooting

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