5 powers of Five Eyes, the most powerful intelligence alliance in the world

Five Eyes is considered the most powerful intelligence alliance in the world. Photo/Asia Times

WASHINGTON – Accusations over killing of Sikh activists put allies to shame Canada in an uncomfortable position.

Following Canadian allegations this week that agents with ties to the Indian government were responsible for the fatal shooting of Hardeep Singh Nijjar on Canadian soil, Canada's Five Eyes allies have so far been reluctant to getting too involved in the incident.

Evan Dyer Radio-Canada reported this week that Canada had indicated to the United States and the United Kingdom during and immediately after the G20 summit in New Delhi earlier this month that Canada's already difficult relations with India would deteriorate further .

The public accusations have put Canada's key allies in an uncomfortable position, as Western countries seek closer ties with India as a potential ally against China, and the United States has even created an alliance so-called “quadruple” between the United States and China. , India and Australia. and Japan.

Wesley Wark, an intelligence and national security expert, said all partners – including Canada – are on the same page.

“They all have a very strong interest in trying to maintain good relations with India, in trying and advancing economic relations, in trying and advancing military relations in the context of finding ways to counter the “Chinese expansion in the Asia-Pacific region,” he said.

But the United States has denied refusing to support Canada after a Washington Post report said Ottawa had tried unsuccessfully to bring in its four main allies – collectively known as Canada as the Five Eyes – to publicly condemn the murder.

A senior US administration official told CBC News: “In fact, we very clearly and publicly did the opposite by expressing our deep concerns shortly after Prime Minister Trudeau made this announcement. »

Here are the 5 strengths of the Five Eyes intelligence alliance.

1. Initially various intelligence signals

Five Eyes is an intelligence-sharing network made up of the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

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