Paul Schrader announces the next film “Non Compos Mentis” which will be shot next fall; talks about collaborating on ‘Oh, Canada’ with Richard Gere 45 years after ‘American Gigolo’ – Cannes

Paul Schrader has revealed the first details of his upcoming project titled No composed thoughtss, at the press conference for the title of the Cannes Competition Oh, Canada this Saturday.

“I wrote a film noir, like a sexual obsession, called Do not lie about the stupid things men do for love,” he said.

This project will bring you together Oh, Canada Northern Lights producer David Gonzales said filming on the project will take place this fall.

“David already has more money for his next film and we don’t have casting yet, we’re just looking for actors now. So in this case (Oh, Canada) we do not receive money until we are selected. but now we understand it before we launch it.

Adapted from the 2021 novel by Russell Banks abandoned, Schrader, candidate for the Palme d’Or at Cannes Oh, Canada stars Richard Gere as a famous terminally ill documentarian who reveals secrets from the past in a final interview.

Gere is joined in the cast by Uma Thurman, Michael Imperioli and Jacob Elordi.

Schrader and Gere are thoughtful as they discuss this new collaboration, some 45 years after their first collaboration. American gigolowhile the plot ends Oh, Canada seems to be okay with the events of their lives.

“When we worked together a while ago, Paul had a very clear idea of ​​what he wanted to do. American gigolo… He showed me a lot of Alain Delon films,” Gere recalls. “It’s a completely new character for me. I’ve never played against anyone like him, and that’s why I wanted to do it.

Schrader added that an important reference was Delon in the classic 1960 film. Full Sun: “I said, ‘He knows one thing for sure: When he walks into a room, it’s a better place.'”

For his new film, Schrader showed Gere videos of Banks. The author is a good friend, Schrader previously adapted his work into a 1997 mystery thriller. Sufferingwith Nick Nolte and Sissy Spacek.

“45 years later, I think Paul is a little angrier, but he deserves it. There are abbreviations at this point. He knew the films he wanted to make, he chose them with the people he wanted. He trusted them to do what they did…he makes a lot of references to Russell’s bank…he has a lot of videos and photos of him and his process of getting sick and, later, almost dying .

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