For the sake of Ibrahim Conteh, PSIS rejects offers from Canadian and American clubs

Indonesian League 1 News: Ibrahim Conteh’s irreplaceable role in PSIS Semarang’s midfield last season was the reason why the management rejected offers from clubs in Canada and the United States to get the Sierra Leonean midfielder.

PSIS Semarang leaders have confirmed that the player in question is not for sale. This is evidenced by the extension of the contract of the midfielder bearing number 55.

PSIS Semarang CEO Yoyok Sukawi said that regarding the letters received from clubs in Canada and the United States, his party responded that Ibrahim Conteh would remain in the uniform of the team nicknamed Laskar Mahesa Jenar That.

“We received letters from Canada and the United States. And we responded to the letter that Ibrahim Conteh is not for sale,” said Yoyok Sukawi, as reported by the official website of the Indonesian League.

With PSIS Semarang last season, Ibrahim Conteh was the main pillar, he played 29 matches with a contribution of five goals and four assists.

Despite managing to retain their foreign midfielder, Ibrahim Conteh, PSIS Semarang failed to secure the services of their captain last season, Haudi Abdillah, who decided to leave and not extend his contract.

As a promoted team that competed last season in the highest caste of Indonesian football, PSIS Semarang struggled early in the season. The Central Java team then managed to recover after the head coach was handed over to Jafri Sastra.

Until the end of the 2018 Liga 1 season, PSIS Semarang occupied 10th place in the final standings with a total of 46 points. For the next season, the team coached by Jafri Sastra aims to perform better. The objective of finishing in a better position imposed itself on Jafri Sastra. To achieve this goal, the West Sumatra coach was offered a two-year contract.

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