7 moments when Cindy Fatikasari walks quietly in Canada, she already has neighbors

Liputan6.com, Jakarta Celebrity couple Cindy Fatikasari and Tengku Firmansyah’s decision to move abroad has been in the spotlight. In order to raise and care for her two twins, Cindy was prepared to stay in Canada, leaving her career and luxurious home in her native country. Now the small family lives in the city of Edmonton, province of Alberta, Canada, United States.

Even though they are strangers, Cindy and Tengku Firmansyah must continue to fight. In their latest upload, Cindy shares moments from a leisurely stroll through a new housing complex in Canada. Cindy Fatikasari and Tengku Firmansyah as well as Tengku Keanu Zimraan and Tengku Omar Athallah wore jackets together.

In the middle of winter, they still take the time to greet their neighbors. Who would have believed it, their arrival was greeted by an Indonesian family who had already been there. Cindy and Tengku Firmansyah no longer worry about socializing now that they have neighbors.

Similarly in terms of worship, Tengku Firmansyah also shared moments from his first Friday in Canada as a migrant. Here, Liputan6.com summarizes the moment when Cindy Fatikasari and her family took a leisurely stroll through a residential complex in Canada, reported on Instagram @cindyfatikasari18 and @tengku_firmansyah, Monday (22/4/2024).

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