Gisela Cindy buys an apartment in Canada and knows how to renovate it

Gisela Cindy bought an apartment in Canada, more precisely in Toronto. The news that he bought an apartment in Canada was revealed via Gisela Cindy’s own social media account. We haven’t heard from him for a long time, now the name of the Indonesian artist has come back to the public’s surface.

Gisela Cindy buys an apartment in Canada

Not seen on screen for a long time, Gisela apparently decided to stay in Canada after graduating from university. In fact, he worked there as well.

Even though she has a new job, she also actively welcomes her fans through her YouTube channel called Gisela Cindy. In his latest vlog, he tour of the house in his new apartment.

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Gisela decided to buy an apartment while she was in Toronto. During visit to the house, It’s clear how stylish Gisela’s apartment is.

One part of the apartment that Gisela showed off in her latest vlog was the kitchen. The kitchen has a minimalist concept, but is fully equipped.

In this room, Gisela did not hesitate to show the dishwasher, the stock of snacks in jars, the refrigerator, air fryer, knives, electric kettles and much more. There is also furniture in the form of a wooden table and black chairs.

In addition to having complete equipment, the kitchen is also neat. He nevertheless decides to renovate the kitchen according to his wishes.

During renovations, he prefers the dominance of black and gold. It shows this color in the section kitchen sets.

Room renovation

In the video that Gisela uploaded, she not only shows the kitchen, but also the bedroom. He didn’t hesitate to show his room which was a little messy.

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Knowing this, he was excited to renovate his room. He did this bedroom renovation with his mother.

During the renovations, Gracia Indri’s sister integrated colored mirrors gold. He placed this mirror on a white table that he assembled himself.

He placed the mirror in the area closet in the room to make the room appear spacious. Not only that, he also renovated many other things to make the room more aesthetically pleasing.

Profile of Gisela Cindy

As we mentioned earlier, Gisela decided to live and work in Canada. This artist, born December 1, 1994, works as a sales manager in two divisions. Call it the marketing and sales divisions.

In this world entertainment Homeland, the name is certainly familiar. Indeed, Gisela is actively involved in various soap operas and films.

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The shows start with the TV series called Nayla’s Diary: 8 Years Later, Yusra and Yumna, Bule Betawi and others. It is not surprising that the news of Gisela Cindy’s purchase of an apartment in Canada attracted public attention. (R10/HR-Online)

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