Kepri police personnel win gold at World Police and Fire Games in Canada


Bripka Desjan Siallagan, a member of the Riau Islands Police Traffic Directorate, won gold at the 2023 Police and Fire Games World Championship in Canada. He managed to win the 800 meter sprint after beating runners from Brazil and India.

“I am very happy to have won gold. I dedicate this victory to my beloved family, Indonesia and the National Police,” said Desjan when contacted on Saturday (05/08/2023).

The championship of police and fire-fighting institutions around the world will take place from July 28 to August 6, 2023 and will bring together contingents from 65 countries. Desjan participated in the World Police and Fire Games with another police officer, namely AKBP Ockben Saor Sinaga.

“So there are two national police representatives participating in the championship in Canada. Me and AKBP Ockben Saor Sinaga who work at the national police headquarters. So there are 2 national police representatives. In fact, there are 3 but there are problems,” he said.

The fight to compete in the World Police and Fire Championships in Canada is not easy. Desjan had to dig into his personal pockets to travel to Canada to compete in the championship.

“Even though it was a tough struggle and I had to use my personal money to cover the expenses and preparations for the championship in Canada. But I am grateful that I managed to win gold in the 800 meter sprint” , did he declare.

In this championship, Desjan participated in two sports, the 800-meter sprint and the 400-meter sprint. For the 400 meter event, the match will take place this afternoon, Canadian time.

Desjan said he wanted to participate in the championship because he wanted to channel his hobbies and talents. Apart from that, he also wants to make achievements that can make Indonesia and the police proud on the international stage.

“Besides channeling my hobby into the sport of running, which I have been involved in for a long time, I am motivated to prove that I can also be like other athletes. I want to feel what it feels like to to be on the podium and win the medal,” he said.

Desjan started taking his hobby, sprinting, seriously when he dared to participate in the National Master Run Athletics Championship in Yogyakarta in 2022. He later returned to participate in the Athletics Championship in Kuala Lumpur, in Malaysia, in December 2022.

“At first I was not sure, but then I won. And I tried again in Malaysia, and there I met the commander of the AKBP Ockben, he invited me to participate in the championship at Canada,” he said.

Desjan hopes that the achievements he has obtained can be a motivation for other members of the National Police. He also added that the achievements he obtained could support his career advancement.

“I hope that this victory that I have won can be a motivation for my talented colleagues. If I hope that this success can help me attend the officers' school, may it be a motivation for others. May the achievements I have made not be in vain,” he said.

For his achievements, Desjan said these were inseparable from the supporting role of his extended family. As well as the support of the Commissioner of the Traffic Directorate of the Riau Islands Regional Police, Tri Yulianto, and the Chief Inspector General of the Riau Islands Regional Police, Tabana Bangun.

“This victory cannot be separated from the support of my extended family, the traffic director and the regional police chief. They supported me from the preparation of training until I was able to leave for Canada for participate in the championship,” he said.

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