Red Velvet concert ends in the United States and continues in Canada

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – K-pop group Red Velvet has completed a five-city tour in America and will continue its concerts in Canadian cities, SM Entertainment said on Tuesday.

The five-member group kicked off their US concerts in Los Angeles in the first week of February, followed by Dallas, Miami, Chicago and Newark, as part of a world tour titled “Red Velvet 2nd Concert [REDMARE]”.

At their last US concert in Newark, they performed a medley of “Russian Roulette”, “Happiness”, “Red Flavour”, “Peek-A-Boo”, “Power Up”, “Bad Boy” and “RBB”, two songs, the last one was sung in English.

American fans greeted Red Velvet enthusiastically, watching while holding banners with words of support in Korean.

Red Velvet, as quoted by SM Entertainment, said, “The North American tour is a challenge and an important moment for us.”

“We thank the fans for helping make (the concert) happen. We finished (the tour) well thanks to you.”

The US tour provided priceless memories for Red Velvet members, they added.

Next up, Red Velvet will perform today at the Coca-Cola Coliseum in Toronto, the first stop on their Canadian tour.

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