Unique traditions of celebrating the New Year in various countries

Bisnis.com, JAKARTA – The New Year 2023 started today. The celebration was passed all over the world.

In Indonesia, the New Year celebrations are synonymous with fireworks or the sound of firecrackers. In a number of public spaces, musical performances have been organized to welcome the change around 2023.

Some people celebrating at home may be enjoying the end of 2022 by eating on the barbecue.

So what are the New Year traditions in other countries? Find out what this unique custom looks like from Italy to Greece.

1. Brazil

Putting on a white shirt before jumping seven waves on the beach after the clock strikes 12 p.m. while pondering seven wishes is an interesting tradition in Brazil.

2. Spain

Spaniards have a unique custom of welcoming the New Year. They usually eat 12 grapes at midnight at exactly 12 o’clock in the evening when the day changes. This tradition is believed to increase luck in the new year.

3. Italy

The traditions of this country are no less unique when it comes to the New Year. Locals usually wear red underwear hoping to get good things in the new year.

4. Greece

Onions are believed to be a symbol of new birth, so they are hung above doorways to welcome the new year.

5. Chile

The tradition of welcoming the New Year here is no less unique. People usually welcome the New Year at the cemetery with deceased family members.

6. Denmark

Plates are an important part of the custom of welcoming the New Year here. Traditionally, Danes throw plates out the door on New Year’s Eve as it is believed to bring good luck. That said, the more broken dishes on your doorstep, the better the New Year will be for you.


Ice fishing is one of the activities that Canadians do to welcome the new year.


On New Year’s Eve, Filipino families serve twelve round fruits, such as apples and grapes, believed to symbolize prosperity. The number 12 corresponds to the number of months in a year.

9. Ireland

To ward off evil spirits, Irish families welcome a prosperous year by knocking bread against the walls and doors of their homes.

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