This is the reason why the Ukrainian president dismisses 5 ambassadors, including the German ambassador

Bisnis.comJAKARTA — President Ukraine Volodymy Zelensky surprisingly fired five of its ambassadors in Germany, India, Norway, Hungary and the Czech Republic. He is currently preparing a new candidate for the position.

City of The GuardianSunday (10/7/2022) Zelenky announced the dismissal of the five diplomats the day before, on Saturday July 9, 2022.

The ambassador in question is the Ukrainian ambassador to German Andriy Melnyk, Ambassador to India Ihor Polikha, Ambassador to the Czech Republic Yevhen Perebiynis, Ambassador to Norway Viacheslav Yatsiuk and Ambassador to Honagria Liubov Nepop.

“This rotation is part of normal diplomatic practice,” he said in a statement.

Zelenky maintained that the reasons for his dismissal were reasonable. Although it is still unclear whether the diplomats will be given new posts or not.

For the record, Zelensky has previously urged his diplomats to mobilize international support and military assistance for Ukraine as the battle against Russia continues.

However, on the other hand, relations with the German side are warming up. Quoted by Al Jazeera, Germany is encouraging Canada to return the gas turbines to the Russian energy company Gazprom.

Ukraine has urged Canada to keep the turbines because returning the gas turbines would violate Russian sanctions that have been agreed with Western countries.

The turbines will first be sent to Germany, which will then send them to Gazprom, under Russian control.

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