Overwhelming winner in US and Canada, Ganjar-Mahfud vote reaches 50%: National Okezone

JAKARTA – The pair number 03 Ganjar Pranowo and Mahfud MD has established itself widely in the United States and Canada. In the United States, the Ganjar – Mahfud couple received 6,646 votes, or 50.95%, and in Canada, Ganjar – Mahfud received 2,351 votes, or 53.26%. This position is far beyond the position of Prabowo – Gibran in second place and Anies – Muhaimin who occupy the third position.

The Ganjar – Mahfud duo even won overwhelmingly based on the recapitulation in each location center of the elections of the Foreign Elections Committee (PPLN), namely with the following percentages, from the largest to the smallest: Los Angeles, California (3,801 voters, 12 TPS, 55.30%), New York (3,400 voters, 15 TPS, 47.91%), Houston, Texas (1,921 voters, 13 TPS, 48.52%), San Francisco, California (1,904 voters, 6 TPS, 56.36%), Washington DC (1,084 voters, 3 TPS, 45.57%) and Chicago, Illinois (935 voters, 2 polling places, 44.49%) .

In Canada, votes were obtained in Vancouver (2,163 voters, 6 TPS, 54.51%), Toronto (1,727 voters, 2 TPS, 53.91%) and Ottawa (524 voters, 3 TPS, 45 .99%).

Lia Sundah Suntoso, President of TPLN Ganjar Mahfud USA, said: “Thank God for the encouraging results in response to our hard work and prayers in the midst of this dynamic election. “For us, this is a struggle for values ​​to determine the best leader for Indonesia, and in a country without welfare and intimidation from the authorities, we can finally choose the best leader for Indonesia according to our conscience and common sense,” he said.

The same was conveyed by Tenny Martini, as president of TPLN Ganjar Mahfud in Canada, one of whose residents was intimidated by local officials in Panwaslu. “This is the result of the hard work of all of us, volunteers, supporters, witnesses and all parties who worked for the victory of Ganjar – Mahfud in the United States and Canada. “Even if the authorities intimidated one from our community leaders here, we haven't been affected,” Tenny said.

This satisfactory result is also due to the fact that citizens continue to participate in the electoral process in Indonesia. Even since the dark incident at the Constitutional Court, they have also worked very hard to supervise the electoral process from start to finish. One PPLN in the United States, specifically New York, even had a double DPT problem reported by the non-profit organization Migrant Care to Bawaslu.

Teddy Muaja, former president of PDI-Perjuangan USA who also serves as witness coordinator for PDI-Perjuangan and TPLN USA, explained: “Everyone on our team handled the entire electoral process of the start to finish. From witness preparation to vote protection, early voting activities at KSK – KSK to direct voting and counting from the West Coast to the East Coast, we've got it all covered. “Furthermore, after the initial voting date, hoaxes circulated that certain pairs of candidates won this United States presidential election before the counting process took place,” he said.

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In addition, Teddy also called on all parties, both at home and abroad, to continue to monitor the vote count and monitor the results of the vote summing up until its completion, as well as to immediately report any suspected fraud.

“The calculation results in Indonesia this time are full of anomalies. “However, I am proud, we always adhere to moral and ethical leaders here, the results here are the pure conscience of the Indonesian people of America and Canada,” Teddy continued.

Monica Nathan, chair of the TPLN USA Advisory Board and chair of the Global Board of Directors of the Ganjar – Mahfud Network of Chicago, Illinois, whose family is a direct victim of the events of 1998, said this election is no longer on who wins and who loses.

“Since the incident at the Constitutional Court, we have more or less guessed the end. “Therefore, the results in the United States and Canada are proof that there are still people in Indonesia who think healthily, there are still those who defend ethics and morals that are increasingly eroded” , he stressed.

Ganjar-Mahfud's victory was also hailed on other continents. “Colleagues in our network Europe for Ganjar – Mahfud and Australia for Ganjar – Mahfud also confirmed the victory of Mas Ganjar in Prof. Mahfud in several European countries (Austria (45.52%), Netherlands (47, 02%), Belgium (44.79%), Norway (41.97%), France (45.23%), Spain (44.50%) and Sweden (45.17%)) and Australia (47%) .27%),” Monica concluded.

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