Here are the five best World Cup theme songs of all time

The song sung by Shakira and Ricky Martin is the most iconic and memorable.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, LONDON — The World Cup as the most prestigious championship in the football scene has not ceased to attract the attention of the whole world since its first held in 1930 in Uruguay. This attention is inseparable from the status of football, which is often considered the most popular sport in the world.

Millions of pairs of eyes, both in the stadium and via live broadcasts on the small screen, await the best actions of the actors on the grill to achieve the highest supremacy on the round skin stage. The International Football Federation (FIFA) also continues to improve in the title packaging of the World Cup, which is held every four years.

The World Cup is no longer seen as a routine sporting event, but has become a distinct entertainment venue for the global populace. Counting from title world Cup 1990, held in Italy, FIFA supplemented the World Cup with a theme song or anthem.

The songs are considered to represent the spirit of the World Cup event. From the series of theme songs that have filled the World Cup since 1990, page Sports Keeda selected the top five theme songs:

5. We Are One — Pitbull, Jenifer Lopez and Claudia Leitte (2014 World Cup)

This song is popular with United States (US) singer, Jenifer Lopez, and United States rapper, Pitbull. The two artists from the country of Uncle Sam have also collaborated with the Brazilian singer Claudio Leitte, as an artist from the host country.

Pittbull’s ability to compose lyrics and rhymes combined with the beautiful voice of Jenifer Lopez. The chorus, which contains the lyrics, ”Ole, Ole, Ole”, is amplified by the rhythm of Brazilian samba. This four minute five second song eventually became a world cup theme song the most listened to.

4. Hot Hot Hot — Arrow (1986 World Cup)

The song belongs to Caribbean artist Arrow, it was not created specifically for the 1986 World Cup title in Mexico. This song was included on Arrow’s debut album in 1982. However, four years later, FIFA decided to choose this song as the theme song for the 1986 World Cup.

FIFA’s decision is fair enough. Hot Hot Hot received a positive response as the theme song for the 1986 World Cup. The catchy Caribbean beat and cheerful lyrics were deemed appropriate to describe the party that took place on Mexican soil.

3. Waving Flag – K’naan (2010 World Cup)

Canadian hip-hop and reggae artist K’naan dedicates this song to his ancestral land, Somalia. The lyrics of this song also contain the struggle of the Somali people to gain independence.

This song started gaining international attention when one of the 2010 World Cup sponsors, Coca Cola, chose it as their promotional song. One of the great things about this song is that the lyrics are so strong. K’naan slipped in one of his grandfather’s poems, Haji Muhammad. “When I get older I’ll be stronger they call me freedom just like a waving flag,” read the lyrics in part of the song.

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