Expands Coverage in Canada, Coinweb Acquires OnRamp Technologies Limited

Tribunnews.com journalist, Eko Sutriyanto

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Coinweb, a cross-layer 2 computing platform, acquires Fintrac-listed OnRamp Technologies Limited, a Money Services Business (MSB) licensed payment company.

This acquisition will allow Coinweb to provide services to customers in Canada for the first time and to be able to launch the platform in North America after obtaining a European digital asset license.

“The Money Services Business Canada license enables Coinweb to offer virtual currency exchange and virtual currency transfer services, paving the way for a fully integrated fiat wallet with cross-chain tokenization functionality,” said Coinweb CEO Toby Gilbert in a statement Friday (4/22)./2022).

Coinweb, he said, will continue to strive to acquire licenses worldwide. He has therefore assembled an experienced internal compliance team to ensure the company’s future success in the digital landscape as the new regulatory framework is implemented.

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“As Coinweb’s capabilities grow, this license will help provide liquidity and enable smooth entry and exit of fiat with crypto assets,” he said.

Coinweb is an IT platform that started its journey in mid-2017.

With an impressive lineup of team members and an advisory board from the traditional technology, business, and blockchain worlds, Coinweb solves some of the most critical problems in distributed ledger technology today.

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