After the Asabri affair, Erick Thohir supervised 65% of the BUMN pension funds

Bisnis.comJAKARTA – Minister of BUMN Eric Thohir aimed at tidying up BUMN’s pension funds by 2023. In his notes, 65% of BUMN’s pension funds require special attention.

He explained the results of a benchmarking study with state enterprises in Singapore and Canada, one of which needed improvement was the state enterprise pension fund.

“Improvement of public pension funds, worry don’t let this happen again like the opening of the Jiwasraya case and Asabriin the public pension fund, if it is not put away”, he explained during a working meeting at Commission VI of the DPR, Monday (05/12/2022).

He confirmed each BUMN allowed to have their own pension fund. In Erick’s initial data collection, 35% of pension funds are healthy, but 65% need attention.

“We are fixing it so that retired BUMN employees will become a problem in the future, don’t let the BUMN assets that were there disappear and are not maximized,” he explained.

Currently, each public company manages pension fundseach and run by retirees. He stressed that he wanted to have certainty about these retirees with professional management. This way, the Jiwasraya and Asabri cases related to misappropriation of investment assets will not happen again.

“We are consolidating all admins, if there are further findings we will take strong action like Jiwasraya and Asabri. [Dapen BUMN] extraordinary potential, as long as there is time, benchmarking with Singapore and Canada, all of this is encouraged, so that it becomes a highlight in the coming 2023,” added Erick.

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