This is the reason Gisela Cindy stopped being an artist and moved to Canada

Latest Artist News: Gisela Cindy reveals the reason for her early retirement from the Indonesian entertainment world and her decision to move to Canada. – Gisela Cindy is a prominent Indonesian artist who often appears on several television shows in Indonesia.

However, the artist, who often plays the antagonist in many soap operas and films, is rarely seen in public.

Gracia Indri's sister has decided to retire from the entertainment world and has now moved to Canada. On one occasion, the woman born on December 1, 1994 revealed the main reason for her departure from the Indonesian entertainment world.

Gisela Cindy admitted that she left the entertainment world because she was satisfied with her career. Player Senetron Nayla's diary He believes that what he has done in the world of cinema is more than enough.

“For example, I continue to do it continuously, I know myself, I won't stop. Because that's how I love the world of cinema,” he said in a program on Gisela Cindy's YouTube channel, Wednesday (9/22/2020). .

This also made him determined to move to Canada to escape the entertainment world.

Gracia Indri herself does not deny that she still enjoys a career in the world of entertainment. However, he did not want to be complacent and decided to take early retirement.

“Because I know that for example not now (at that time), so when basically” said Gisela Cindy.

Gisela Cindy's decision to leave the entertainment world apparently still has the support of her family. In fact, they never forbade Gisela Cindy from wanting to take a break from the entertainment world.

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“I’ve also had huge support from my mum and sister, to say the least. switches my life,” Gisela Cindy explained.

Artists who have appeared in soap operas The daughter-in-law's cry it also reveals the main motivations who decided to move to Canada. The reason is that he really wants to have a new experience by moving to Canada.

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