Thanksgiving celebration Not only in America, these countries have similar traditions

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Day Thanksgiving has a long tradition in the United States. Thanksgiving Day, Americans gather with friends, family and friends to give thanks to God for the end of the harvest season and for what they have accomplished throughout the year.

Similar celebrations are not only held in the United States, but in a number of other countries. Although the cultural traditions are different, the goal is the same, to teach people to be grateful and to spend time with family and friends.

Thanksgiving-type celebrations in a number of countries:

1. China – Mid-Autumn Festival

The Chinese people celebrate their annual festival on the 15th day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar. This celebration is often referred to as the Mid-Autumn Festival which usually takes place in late September or early October when the moon is full and bright.

Similar to Thanksgiving in America, festival it is celebrated as a public holiday to express gratitude for the changing seasons and celebrate the fall harvest. Also, instead of the pumpkin pie served on Thanksgiving in America, China’s favorite dessert is mooncake, a baked dish filled with sesame seeds, ground lotus seeds, and egg. duck.

2. Germany – Erntedankfest

Thanksgiving in Germany or the annual Harvest Festival or often called the Harvest Festival, usually takes place on the first Sunday in October. Because Thanksgiving is not a family holiday, it bears little resemblance to American traditions than harvest festivals in other countries.

In Germany, the party is synonymous with fireworks, music and dancing, while in America the most popular chicken is the turkey. In Germany, the great harvest is celebrated with chickens like roosters or geese.

3. Japan – Kinro Kansha no Hi

November 23 is the day Thanksgiving in Japan the same as in America or Labor Day. The Japanese often call it Kinro Kansa no Hi or Labor thanksgiving day. This holiday was created in 1948 to honor workers, celebrate the harvest and express their gratitude.

4. Canada – Canadian Thanksgiving

The first Thanksgiving in Canada is said to have taken place in 1578, before the American tradition. During the Revolutionary War, many American immigrants loyal to the British Empire immigrated to Canada and brought with them some of their Thanksgiving traditions.

Today, the Canadian Thanksgiving menu includes many foods familiar to Americans, including pumpkin pie, stuffing and sweet potatoes. Thanksgiving itself is celebrated in Canada on the second Monday in October, and only a few provinces celebrate it.

5. Indonesia – Thanksgiving Day

This warning was reiterated again in several regions of Indonesia, namely North Sulawesi, such as South Minahasa Regency, Southeast Minahasa Regency, Bitung City, Tomohon City and Manado City. This celebration is organized by residents and the community to honor the harvest.

This celebration is usually organized by the Christians at the local church by sharing the produce which usually comes in the form of meat and vegetables among the residents.

6. South Korea – Chuseok Day

South Korea celebrates a day very similar to Thanksgiving in America. Known as Chuseok Day, this holiday occurs from mid-September to late September, and usually falls on the 15th.

Chuseok Day is also a day of celebration to harvest to fall. Like in America, this Korean-style Thanksgiving tradition is often done by sharing food with family members. Celebrations are held throughout the country that mark the customs of national traditions, including ancestral memorial rituals, Korean wrestling, and Korean circle dances.


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