Rapper Drake, friend, victim of shooting in Canada

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Rap musicians are once again victims of shootings in the streets. After the XXXTentacion affair, Drake's friend who opened his concert, Smoke Dawg, died last weekend outside the Cube nightclub in Toronto, Canada.

The 21-year-old Toronto rapper was rushed to hospital along with two other people who were also shooting at the victims. However, he later breathed his last due to serious injuries.

The news was confirmed by Dawg's friend at Global News, the day after the incident, last Sunday (1/7). Meanwhile, the other two victims remain hospitalized.



The shooting occurred on Canada's birthday, when many people came out of the house to celebrate the national holiday.

“We heard several shots. They came twice. Three or four shots at a time, then it stopped, then four to five shots,” a witness told local media. CP24.

“The situation became chaotic, there were people running everywhere, there were vehicles trying to leave the road,” he continued.

He also said that traffic there was usually quite normal, but that night many tourists ran in fear.

“It was very intense, it was very chaotic,” he added.

In the meantime, quote Ace of showbizlocal police said that on that day, a shooting was actually reported around 8 p.m. and the suspect may have fled in a black SUV.

The allegation was based on the statement of a woman who claimed to have seen a black SUV speeding through the neighborhood before a tram driver asked people to get off.

“When I heard the first shot, I looked outside because I was on the tram and I saw someone in a white shirt, a black man, falling,” the witness explained.

“I saw a black SUV with tinted windows hit. Then there were four more shots after that and we were all shot by the tram driver,” he said.

Meanwhile, Drake, who toured with Smoke Dawg in February and March 2017, expressed his condolences over his friend's death via the Story feature on Instagram.

He transmitted it by sharing moments of conviviality during the concert.

“All the gifts, the blessed souls and the light of self that are extinguished these days are devastating,” Drake said. “I hope that peace will purify our city. There are many talents and stories that we have never seen before,”

“Rest easy, Smoke,” Drake continued.

Smoke Dawg, real name Jahvante Smart, joined Drake for a concert tour A boy meets the world. He performed with other members of the band Halal Gang. He is also known for his song called House trap. (end/end)

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