Why is Canada closing its borders to asylum seekers?

Canada is a refugee-friendly country, making it the main destination for asylum seekers. Photo/Reuters

OTTAWA – Agreement reached Canada this year to stem the flow of asylum seekers entering from the United States.

At first glance, success was rapid. Within days, the number of people arrested at unofficial crossing points along the border declined. become droplets.

But five months later, the overall number of people claiming refugee status in Canada is increasing rather than decreasing. Many arrive by plane, while others cross the border and hide until they can seek asylum without fear of being sent home.

Why did Canada close its borders to asylum seekers? Here are 5 answers.

1. Too many desperate immigrants


The figures show how difficult it is for countries to close their doors to desperate people and the challenges that unexpected numbers of asylum seekers can pose: in Toronto, hundreds of people slept on the streets this summer as that they were struggling to find a bed.

“The reality is that closing the borders is not going to solve the problem of the need for protection,” said Shauna Labman, professor and interim director of the human rights program at the University of Winnipeg, as reported by Reuters. “It just adds to the despair.”

2. Canada initially prided itself on being an immigrant-friendly country, but now it's the opposite


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