Who was the stabbing in Canada that killed 10 people?

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So as not to miss any news, we have summarized the main news of the past 24 hours in Le Monde today, Monday September 5, 2022, production Indonesian ABC.

Ten people stabbed to death in Canada

Ten people have been killed and at least 15 others injured in a series of knife attacks in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.

Local police said they were looking for two suspects, Damien Sanderson and Myles Sanderson, who were driving a black Nissan Rogue.

According to the police, the dead and injured were found in 13 different places.

Rhonda Blackmore, Assistant Commissioner of Canadian Police (RCMP) Saskatchewan, said some of the stabbing victims appeared to have been targeted by the suspects, while the others were victims of random stab wounds.

“What happened in our province today is terrible,” Rhonda said, adding that the motive for the knife attack was not yet known.

Will Prabowo-Puan join the presidential election?

Gerindra Party General Chairman Prabowo Subianto invited PDI-P DPP Party Chairman Puan Maharani to ride together at his residence in Hambalang, Bogor, West Java on Sunday (09/04).

This joint activity is seen as a signal that the two will run in pairs in the upcoming presidential election in 2024.

“So if you ask is it possible or not possible [berpasangan pada Pilpres]in terms of probability theory, yes, it’s absolutely possible,” Prabowo told reporters.

So what’s your comment?

“If asked then if there is a possibility [berpasangan dengan Prabowo]Yes, I think all this is possible, nothing is impossible in politics for the sake of the progress of the nation and the state,” said Puan, who also held a one-on-one meeting with Prabowo. .

Someone didn’t come to Mikhail Gorbachev’s funeral

Thousands of Russians paid their last respects to Mikhail Gorbachev, the last leader of the Soviet Union, who was buried in an open coffin.

Most of them said they respected Gorbachev and remembered him as the “peacemaker” who freed them.

Gorbachev, who led the Soviet Union from 1985 to 1991, died last Tuesday (08/30) at the age of 91. He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1990 for his role in ending the Cold War.

Gorbachev is buried in Novodevichy Cemetery in Moscow, next to the grave of his wife Raisa, who died in 1999. But President Vladimir Putin was not present due to his busy schedule, although he gave him paid tribute last Thursday.

Prior to his burial, Gorbachev’s body was interred in the Hall of Columns in downtown Moscow, following a tradition practiced by former Soviet leaders, including Vladimir Lenin and Josef Stalin.

Who will be the new British Prime Minister?

For who will become the British Prime Minister, two possibilities are available to you, between the British Minister of Foreign Affairs, Liz Truss or the former British Minister of Finance, Rishi Sunak.

Brits will know the announcement this Monday at 12:30 p.m. local time.

Unlike previous tradition, where Queen Elizabeth II will install the British Prime Minister at Buckingham Palace in London, the new British Prime Minister will be confirmed tomorrow at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, where the Queen is spending the summer.

Tomorrow afternoon Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister who resigned in July, will read a statement outside the Prime Minister’s Office on London’s Downing Street before departing for Scotland to formally announce his resignation.

US Open tennis tournament gets more exciting

And from the sports world, the Australian Nick Kyrgios beat this morning (05/09) the Russian world number one Daniil Medvedev in straight sets.

“Daniil is the defending champion so I feel a heavy weight on my shoulders, but I played well.”

In the next round tomorrow, Kyrgios will face Karen Khachanov.

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