The sweet story of Miss Flolaks starting a business, from a beauty lifestyle hobby that can generate money

SURABAYA, – From a simple exercise hobby, MissFlolaks managed to build beverage company healthy as a drink fiber detox coffee.

Starting this business since 2018, this breakthrough is finally starting to gain widespread recognition among young mothers and millennials, especially those leading a healthy lifestyle.

Remember that a healthy lifestyle is now a new trend that is being intensively campaigned by many parties. The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemenkes), for example, has a program GERMAS (Healthy Living Community Movement).

Especially in times like these, health issues become a very strong topic to discuss. On social media, for example, public figures, celebrities and influencers continue to inspire their followers and fans to adopt a healthy lifestyle, exercise and eat healthy foods to maintain health. bodily immunity.

It is not easy to maintain a healthy diet for the body. As a nutrition scientist or nutritionist as well as a female entrepreneur who exists on Instagram as @Missflolaks, whose full name is Florence Laksmana, you should also apply.

The habit of healthy eating and living has indeed been practiced by this mother of two children for a long time.

Even from high school to college, Missflolaks settled in the Americas.

“I was in high school in Canada and majored in nutritional science at the University of British Columbia, Canada. Until now, in Indonesia, I was confused about finding healthy foods, so I finally did it myself and why didn’t I try something more innovative, like making fiber, and as a result it was accepted by a lot of people,” he said. he declares.

Taking advantage of the title he has is where this former model comes from, has an idea and executes something or a new breakthrough by creating opportunities to make a healthy drink.

Considering that there are many needs of women to appear all, Missflolaks makes things even easier. According to him, drinks such as bibilop fiber detox coffee are considered sufficient to help many women achieve an ideal body.

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