Canadian mayor supports Israel's actions, regardless of number of Palestinian children killed

A mayor in Canada supports Israel's actions in Gaza, regardless of the number of Palestinian children killed. Photo/Reuters

MONTREAL – Jermey Levi, mayor of the Montreal suburb of Hampstead, Canada, said that regardless of the number of Palestinian children killed, he would continue to support Israel in its attack on Gaza.

More than 18,200 Palestinians have been killed so far during nine weeks of Israeli military bombardment on Gaza, health officials in the besieged Palestinian enclave said Monday.

Israel's near-relentless bombing was a response to a Hamas cross-border attack on October 7 that killed about 1,200 people and took 240 hostages.

But as international condemnation of Israel's siege of Gaza grew, Levi, elected last year to govern Hampstead's predominantly Jewish community, said Israel's military offensive must continue until “good » triumphs over “evil”.

“I am not calling for a ceasefire,” Levi said in a video posted on social media by Yves Engler, a vocal critic of Israel.

“I want the hostages to return home, but I am not calling for a ceasefire,” he said. RTWednesday (13/12/2023).

The mayor commented on the increasing mortality rate in Gaza, particularly the deaths of children. “I will never support him [pembunuhan anak-anak], This is so bad. But Israel must do everything in its power to protect the security of its own people,” he said.

The Palestinian Health Ministry said that around 70% of those killed in the enclave since the start of the Israeli offensive were women and children under 18.

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