Meta will make Indonesia like Canada if publisher rights are implemented, JAKARTA- Metathe parent company of Facebook and Instagram, stressed that the regulations Publisher's Rights it won't work to encourage companies to pay publishers for every article that appears on both platforms. Meta will take measures like in Canada by blocking news content from Indonesia.

Meta Public Policy Director Rafael Frankel said his company had discussed it several times with the Ministry of Communication and Information (Ministry of Communication and Information), Ministry of Law and Human Rights (Ministry of Law and Human Rights), to the Secretary of State regarding policies Publisher's rights.

Rafael revealed that the publishers' rights policy would be neither sustainable nor effective.

“We constantly provide our input to the government regarding this regulation, when (we consider) that this regulation is neither sustainable nor successful,” Rafael said in a virtual conference, Monday (7/8/2023).

Rafael continued: If the Publishers' Rights Act is implemented, Meta admitted that he would have to make a difficult decision, namely to limit the amount of content published on Facebookthe amount of news on Facebook is therefore very limited.

This policy has been implemented in Canada.

“This will impact how news is displayed on Facebook, especially for Indonesian customers. We do the same thing in Canada. “We really don’t want to get to that phase,” Rafael said.

Meta therefore asks the Secretary of State to consider this issue in order to find a solution that benefits all parties.

For information, in Canada, Meta has started removing news content on Facebook and Instagram, following the implementation of a law that requires technology companies to negotiate payments to news agencies.

Technology companies are charged because they are seen as involved in the distribution of content produced by news publishers. This step means that Facebook and Instagram users can no longer access news.

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