Here are 10 modern communication tools often used on a daily basis, JAKARTA – Tools Communication Modern technology is a sophisticated medium used to convey messages from communicators to communicators. The difference between traditional and modern musical instruments is characterized by elements of technology. Modern communication tools even use the flow of electricity, signal networks and other related technologies.

Communication tool modern has a wide range. Moreover, modern communication tools produce sophisticated information or messages, such as containing text, images or animated images. Modern means of communication also allow humans to quickly exchange information even when they are far away.

Here are some examples of communication tools that were cited from various sources:


This communication tool works as a signal class translator that produces information in the form of sound. The radio is in great demand by many people who do not like to read and only listen to the news by ear.

Using the radio is also very simple. You just need to find a signal radio Thanks to the rotary console available on the radio, when you have found the signal, you can listen to it casually.

2. Fax

This communication tool makes it possible to send documents over the analog cable telephone network. In other developments, faxes used the Internet network.

A fax machine is a combination of a telephone and a photocopier. The functioning of a fax is also a combination of the functions of several tools, namely a telephone, a scanner, a photocopier and a printer. The fax machine will receive a document in the form of paper which will then be scanned and then sent to the recipient by entering the intended fax number.

3. Telephone

Call discovered in 1871 by Antonie Meucci. He patented the invention and named it the sound telegraph. This tool can allow communication in the form of voice between 2 people with an intermediate cable.

In 1940, the telephone was already widely used by people. The telephone became a tool of war, aiming the shot thus improving the quality of the radar. The phones were used for military purposes during the war. Until now, the telephone is still widely used as a means of communication.

4. Convenient Talky

This communication tool is often used in security devices such as bank security officers, presidential security forces, members of the police. This communication tool is shaped like an old cell phone with a long antenna with a small colorless screen and an arrangement of buttons.

This tool works by using radio waves. The practical talky communication distance is 12 miles. Unfortunately, the communication produced by the handy talky is only temporary as the channel can change at any time.

5. Email

E-mail first discovered by Ray Tomlinson which became the Arpanet program in 1971. Electronic mail is electronic mail that can send and receive information in the form of writings and images.

Using email requires a gadget, modem, or internet-connected device. Currently, email is used for a variety of purposes, such as promoting products, sending important company letters, or sending school assignments.

6. Smartwatch

Smartwatch is a communication tool that was first developed by a Canadian named Steve Mann in 1998. This smartwatch has a computerized screen and can be connected to a cell phone. The notifications that appear on the cellphone can be displayed on the smartwatch screen so that we can find out the incoming messages through the smartwatch without having to check the cellphone.

7. Smartphones

Initially, smartphones, which were previously called cell phones or cell phones, could only receive short messages or calls. Therefore, mobile phones only need a cellular network signal.

Having gone through a series of innovations with technological sophistication, cell phones cannot only receive messages or phone calls. Smartphones connected to the Internet network have unlimited access to cyberspace such as social networks, online search engines and even e-commerce.

8. Tablets

Tablets are an example of computerization that uses a stylus. Therefore, the development of tablets has a deep history. The first patent for a system that uses handwriting by analyzing handwriting gestures was granted since 1915 and publicly released in 1956. A tablet can be defined as a type of portable computer that has an LCD screen on which the user can write using a special stylus.

9. Intercom

This communication tool works by applying wireless technology that connects one room to another. However, this intercom has a drawback, especially at the level of a very short radius. Sometimes, if the radius has exceeded the limit, there will be interference or noise.

The operation of the intercom is quite complicated, you need to match the signal code first to connect by turning it, if the channel is the same then you can communicate by pressing the break button.

10. Television

Television has been innovating for decades. Initially, television consisted of still images displayed at high speed. In the past, this tool could only display white and black images.

Television was developed at the end of the 19th century. At that time the concept of sending animated images using electrical energy, then television has developed until today. Currently, television can be streamed via the Internet. In addition, the size and appearance of televisions are becoming larger and more colorful.

These are some things about modern communication tools that are still widely used today.

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