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TEMPO.CO, JakartaAlphonzo Phonz Terrell and DeVaris Brown, two former employees Twitter dismissal victims alias Elon Musk makes a counter-demand. They are reportedly designing a social media platform similar to Twitter called “Spill”. The plan, the application will be released in January 2023.

reported from spill-app.com, Spill’s name is taken from the term “Spill the Tea” which is currently trending on social media. pseudonyms, says Spills often used by Internet users to reveal secrets or simply want to express themselves honestly. “Spill provides a place for genuine discussion,” Spill wrote on its official website, Spill-app.com.

For everyone

Unlike the bird logo app, Spill will also pay creators for any viral content through an automatic payment system. This will be the main attraction of Spill to attract users. Additionally, Spill is committed to making its platform more inclusive and positive.

“Spill is for everyone, we cater to cultural movers who often set new trends but are regularly overlooked and underpaid,” Terrell said in a tweet. @Phonz on December 16, 2022.

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During the interview with Tech Crunch, Terrell admitted that the idea for Spill came from his close relationship with Brown, who is also a black Twitter employee. Now the two are working together to create a special platform to highlight cultural contributions to black-inclusive voicemail messages on social media.

“Even before I left Twitter, over the past few months I was speaking frequently with black creators, black queer creators, and consulting with a number of influential activists outside of the United States,” Terrell said. Tech Crunch.

Previously, Terrell served as Global Head of Social and Editorial at Twitter for three years. He is one of thousands of employees who have been laid off Elon Musk. Meanwhile, Brown is a senior product manager at Twitter who focuses on working on machine learning. However, Brown left Twitter in 2020 to found startups Meroxa.

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