Canada decides to reform the military, with army men allowed to wear skirts, tattoos and colored hair

DEPOK PR – Canada is reportedly revising its army dress code, which allows the wearing of skirts and allows soldiers with tattoos.

In addition to being able to wear skirts and face tattoos, Canada also allows service members to have long fingernails and dye their hair. Even skirts were allowed for male soldiers.

In a recent Canadian military publication, the dress code overhaul was long overdue, but the change did not come easily.

“The emergence of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) is not in keeping with the Canadian society it serves,” reads the document, quoted of Russia today.

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Because Canada’s goal of the military dress reform that will come into force in September 2022 is to make the rules more inclusive and gender-neutral.

One of the major changes is that their military uniforms are no longer divided into “male” and “female” categories.

Thus, soldiers who identify as male will be able to wear skirts, as all gender references have been removed from items such as skirts, nylons, and purses.

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“These two catalogs are open to all members and can be mixed. CAF members can choose the style that suits them best, provided it is worn in accordance with the dress instructions, with the exception of special occasions such as parades,” the Canadian military said. .

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