Rubber tree falls in storm, Kandayan Canada Cup football game postponed, Barbai — Heavy rains and strong winds uprooted a rubber tree around the soccer field in Kandayan, Hawang Village, Limpasu, HST on Tuesday (5/7/2022). As a result, the Canada Cup football game has been postponed.

“Today the game was postponed due to rain and thunderstorms. There is a ‘gatah’ (rubber) tree which is not too big ‘pungal’ (broken in the middle),” said the tournament committee, Zaini, to the media team on Tuesday evening.

Fallen tree in heavy rain and strong winds at the Canada Cup tournament arena

Zaini is grateful that the incident of a rubber tree breaking and collapsing that surrounds the pitch resulted in no casualties. However, rain and high winds after the end of the first round of the first game postponed the second round of matches.

The first part itself brought together All Player FC Barabai against Canada FC. The score for the first half was still 0-0, and the second half had to be delayed due to heavy rain and the pitch was flooded.

“All Player’s postponed second half match against Canada FC will be played on Saturday (07/09/2022). Likewise, the second night which was postponed, between Tapuk Jr. FC Tapuk vs Nazwa FC de Rangas Rantawan, Batang Alai Selatan (BAS).

Previously on Monday (4/7/2022), Taam Tanama Jr. Kids Rintis FC beat Tenggo FC, 1-0. The success put Taam Tanama Jr. through to the Group D semi-finals and will meet tough Medica FC side Barabai on July 8.

The public, including women

Then Aramco FC got rid of Galatua FC, 3-1, on penalties. However, Aramco did not immediately qualify for the top four in Group A except to play again against Inaz Cell who received a bye in the first round.

Canada Cup Kandayan – Hawaii Football Tournament game this Wednesday (6/7/2022) will play two more games. First, Samsung FC took on Surya FC (Group D), followed by the match between Umbar FC and Mahela FC in Group A.*

Author: JJD, Senior Journalist Kalimantan

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