Mick Schumacher still has time to prove his quality

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F1 News: Hass boss Gunther Steiner says Mick Schumacher still has time to prove he deserves a contract extension.

Haas is currently one of the groundplane teams that has yet to confirm the full roster of pilots for the 2023 season. Kevin Magnussen has been confirmed to fill one of the seats, but it is not yet known who is his teammate.

The blowing news says that Nico Hulkenberg has the opportunity to become Magnussen’s new tandem. Likewise with Antonio Giovinazzi, who has a close relationship with Ferrari as an engine supplier.

But according to Haas boss Gunther Steiner, Schumacher still has a chance to stay on the American team. He has not yet made a final decision so everything is still possible.

“We still haven’t made a decision about who will be the driver and help our development as a team,” Steiner said as quoted by Motorsport.com.

“To be honest, we don’t know yet whether Mick Schumacher will stay or not. He has impressed in Canada, England and Austria, but he still can’t seem to be consistent,” he added.

“He needs to be able to do even better, more often to maintain his consistency in every race,” he continued.

Moreover, Gunther Steiner pointed out that Haas did not want to rush to extend Mick Schumacher’s contract. The reason, he first wanted to see how the young man from Germany was developing. The driver still has plenty of time to prove his quality.

“We are in no rush to decide who will take our second seat. Mick also still has the opportunity and the time to show what he can do,” he said.

“Personally, I have spoken to several candidates, as it is part of my job. But I cannot make a decision yet.”

“Our goal next season is to minimize accidents or risks that threaten the development of our team. Even if we can still take risks, and if the decision is right, everything will be fine. The opposite situation can also happen “, added Steiner.

“We want to recruit experienced drivers, who can communicate with our mechanics so that they can give good feedback. But there are no contracted drivers yet.”

“Yes, maybe there’s Daniel Ricciardo, but he’s not at his best. We don’t know what his plans are either. Maybe he wants a break in the season, nobody knows. . But I repeat, I have spoken to a lot of people”, the cover.

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