Gunther Steiner happy that Mick Schumacher is starting to show up –

F1 News: Haas boss Gunther Steiner is pleased with Mick Schumacher’s rapid development. Mick started showing off and diligently earned a lot of points.

After stumbling at the start of the 2022 F1 season, Gunther Steiner began to be relieved to see Mick Schumacher’s progress. With zero points in the first eight heats, Mick finally broke the egg at the Canadian GP. He managed to finish in eighth place after going through a tough fight. A series later, Mick again created a surprise by entering the top six of the Austrian GP. Mick’s rapid improvement has definitely done Gunther Steiner good. His long wait to guide Mick finally paid off. Mick’s talent began to show even though it was only in two series.

“Actually the change started after Monaco. It was like he didn’t want to take any risks. Then he changed completely at the Canadian GP. He (Mick Schumacher) looks more confident and relaxed. He also doesn’t always try to It’s hard to see. That kind of development in pilots, because they have a flat face. But, you can always see it in Canada,” Steiner said during the an interview with local media.

“The results, then seen in Silverstone and Austria. Hopefully we can sustain a performance like this. We want Mick to succeed, because if Mick succeeds, we succeed too. He’s part of us,” he said. he once again stated.

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