G20 summit in Bali becomes trending topic on Twitter


The G20 Summit in Bali has become trending topic on Twitter. As of 5:00 p.m. WITA, the number of Twitter accounts dealing with the topic of the G20 summit in Bali reached almost 10,000 tweets.

So what exactly is the G20 summit in Bali all about? What are the series of activities or tiredness G20 Summit in Bali?

The Group of Twenty Summit or G20 Summit is an international forum for economic cooperation comprised of countries with the largest economies in the world. The 2022 G20 Summit will be held in Nusa Dua, Bali on November 15-16, 2022.

Before the peak of the G20 summit, various preparations were made. Including adding various facilities to security mechanisms for the smooth running of the event.

The Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (KemenPUPR) assures that all infrastructure supporting the implementation of the G20 summit in Bali has been completed. A number of infrastructures have already been inaugurated by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi).

“It’s all over. Yesterday, the president was invested in full venue“The infrastructure is complete, it’s just about maintenance and security,” PUPR Minister Basuki Hadimuljono said in Nusa Dua, Badung Regency on Friday (11/11/2022).

In terms of security, the TNI Commander, General Andika Perkasa, also assured that the preparation of the personnel and the projects that will be carried out during the G20 summit are also almost perfect. No less than 18,000 TNI, Polri and other elements are ready to secure the G20 summit.

“We are 99% (ready), because everything is there, the equipment is there. Everyone has done rehearsals, including our defense equipment,” Andika said while reviewing the Apurva Kempenski hotel. , which is the main venue for the G20 summit on Thursday. (10/11/2022).

In addition, the TNI and Polri have also held security force rehearsals for Heads of State, including VVIP or Very very important person. Rehearsals took place in all venues used at the G20 Summit. The rehearsal begins at the Apurva Kempinski Bali Hotel, then to the Ngurah Rai Mangrove Forest and Garuda Wisnu Kencana or GWK area.

Luhut says G20 Bali is the best

Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, responsible for the organization support of the G20 event, affirmed that the G20 summit to be held in Bali is the best of the previous similar events. According to him, the timing of the G20 summit in Bali will show that the Republic of Indonesia (RI) is not a thrifty nation.

“We want to show that this nation is a great nation, a nation capable of self-regulation, not an effeminate nation,” Luhut said while attending the Bali Police Command Center on Thursday (11/10/2022 ) .

Furthermore, Luhut disclosed that the preparations for the G20 summit in Bali have reached 100%. Including security preparedness by the police led by General Listyo Sigit Prabowo and the TNI, led by General Andika Perkasa.

“I think (the preparations) are 100%. We are ready, go ahead. General Sigit, General Andika, all are ready. And of course, both of us are of course the best that God gives to all efforts that have been made,” he said.

About the G20 Summit in Bali

The G20 or Group of Twenty is a major forum for international economic cooperation made up of countries with the largest economies in the world. The members of the G20 are made up of 19 countries and one institution of the European Union.

The members of the G20 are made up of 19 countries and one institution of the European Union. G20 member countries include Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, European Union, Germany, France, India and Indonesia. Next come Italy, Japan, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, England and the United States.

According to the official website of Bank Indonesia (BI), the theme for this year’s G20 summit is “Recover Together, Recover Stronger”. Indonesia, as the host of the G20 Summit, would like to invite the whole world to work hand in hand and support each other to recover together and become stronger and more sustainable.

The series of G20 meetings in each presidency normally includes level 3-4 meetings work group (WG), 3-4 Deputy Minister level meetings, 2-4 Ministerial level meetings and culminating in a High Level Conference (KTT) attended by Heads of State of G20 members.

Each of the above paths runs in parallel starting at the technical level (WG) and then escalating to the deputy level to achieve a concept of agreement (communiqué) and reduce the issues to be discussed at the ministerial level. Later, the G20 summit will agree on a final agreement on policy actions taken on priority issues at the summit at the end of a series of activities.

Summary of the G20 summit in Bali

13-14 November: Arrival of the delegation

– Welcome: Delegates are welcomed by Paspampres and the dance of the priests
– Delivered by electric vehicle to the hotel

15 November: first day of the G20 Summit

Main arena: Apurva Kempinski
– Working session I (morning-afternoon): Food and energy security
– Interlude: IKN Meta Metaverse Show
– Lunch
– Working session II (afternoon): Global health architecture

Garuda Wisnu Kencana
– Dinner (welcome dinner)
– Spectacular show

November 16: second day of the G20 summit
– Side Event: Mangrove Plantation at Tahura Mangrove
– Working session III (afternoon): Digital Transformation
– Bilateral meetings in prepared rooms
– Handover of the G20 presidency from Indonesia to India
– Press briefing by Indonesian President Joko Widodo

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