Canada will train Ukrainian troops for combat conditions

Ukraine will undergo approximately five weeks of military personnel training Canada and Britain designed to turn them into combat-ready forces, Canadian Defense Minister Anita Anand told a news conference.

Britain promised more troop training in the war-torn area in June.

President Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy also pressured Canada to train after similar instructions, called Operation Unification, in Ukraine were suspended six months ago when Russian troops invaded Ukraine.

The training will focus on the operation of four Canadian M777 Howitzers which were delivered to Ukraine earlier this year. There will also be cyber instructions from the Canadian Communications Security Agency. Anand said to form “troops Ukrainian army new” is very important because the Russian-Ukrainian conflict is entering a “new and dangerous phase”.

He also reiterated that Canada will send 39 specially equipped Canadian-made armored vehicles to Ukraine as they roll off the assembly line.

Canadian troops will leave their country on August 25 to begin training at a military base in southeast England, Anand said. The announcement marks the resumption of Operation Unifier. And that comes after 150 troops returned this week from Poland.

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