New York City shrouded in smoke from forest fires in Quebec Canada

New York, – The air quality in New York City, United States, was included in the list of worst pollution in the world on Tuesday evening (6/6/2023).

The IQair air quality in the Big Apple city at 10:00 p.m. local time (6/6/2023) reached 200, which is quite dangerous for the health of residents breathing it.

This condition arose because of the forest fires that occurred in Quebec, Canada. Wildfires that have broken out since last week have affected more than 140 sites, had a devastating impact and caused smoke and pollution in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions, including in New York.

Due to these conditions, around ten schools in New York State were forced to cancel their outdoor activities for health reasons.

The concentration of air in the city that never sleeps reaches PM2.5 or the air contains small particles measuring 2.5 mictons or micrometers, which is 10 times higher than the WHO or Organization standard world health.

These particles are the result of fires that produce smoke, transported dust or small coals containing carbon, very small dust or coals that are dispersed and carried by the wind.

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