World Cup 2022: Charting the strengths of Morocco’s ‘Atlas Lion’ – From La Liga’s best goalkeeper to player nicknamed ‘Maldini’

  • Rob Stevens
  • BBC Sport Africa

video caption,

Moroccan fans celebrate their national team’s historic victory at the 2022 World Cup.

The Moroccan national team is just one step away from being in a sensational position, namely the 2022 World Cup final.

Moroccan coach Walid Reragugui will have a very fiery meeting in the semi-finals with defending champions France.

Their achievement in Qatar, becoming the first African national team to reach the semi-finals, came as a surprise to many, especially after a coaching change for the Atlas Lions last August – just months before the FIFA Cup final. world.

In a way, Morocco are one of the worst performing teams in North Africa, with the only African Cup of Nations title in 1976.

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