Why flags are at half-mast in the United States and Canada today

The national flags of the United States and Canada are flown at half-mast in memory of workers as part of the National Day of Mourning.

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The national flags of the United States and Canada are at half-mast in several states of these countries starting April 27. The lowering of flags will continue until the end of April 28 due to the National day of mourning. It is also known as Workers’ Day of Mourning. To commemorate and remember the sacrifices made by those killed or injured on the job, the Stars and Stripes of the United States and the Maple Leaf Flag of Canada were lowered in several locations across the country on Saturday.

The city of Ottawa, capital of Canada, has decided to lower its flags following a decision made by members of Council, committees and city hall. Flags at all City of Ottawa locations will be flown at half-mast Sunday from sunrise to sunset, according to the city’s official website. A similar decision was also taken by the city of Orilla.

“Flags at Downtown Orillia, Orillia Opera House, Orillia Fire Station 1, Orillia Recreation Center and Rotary Place have been flown at half-mast effective today today (April 27) to celebrate the National Day of Mourning on April 28. » the city of Orilla in Canada published on X via its official social media account. The flags would be raised on April 29.

Not just Canada, many places in the United States, including cities and states, observe the National Day of Mourning (Workers’ Day of Mourning) for those killed or injured on the job.

This day honors those who died in their actions and commits to ending crises like this in the future. Since receiving official recognition from the Canadian government in 1991, it has expanded to nearly 80 countries around the world.

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