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JAKARTA – Who is the figure of the cafe owner % Arabica? The % Arabica brand has 5 coffee outlets in Indonesia, of which 4 are distributed in Jakarta and 1 in Bali. The first outlet will open at Central Park Mall, Jakarta in early 2021.

Report from official website https://arabica.coffee/, Saturday (1/14/2023), % Arabica has grown by opening coffee outlets in various countries other than Japan, such as Canada, China , Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States and Indonesia.

So, who owns % Arabica coffee?

Kenneth Soji is the owner, founder and creative director of % Arabica.

Kenneth Soji’s love of coffee began while he was still in college in California. Around 1990, the young Starbucks seduced Kenneth Soji with its new coffee culture and relaxed atmosphere. He admitted spending a lot of time at Starbucks, located on Venice Beach.

After graduating from college, Kenneth Soji started working in a trading company. This allowed him to travel abroad on business. From there, he learned a lot, such as how to work with business owners around the world and the mindset of a businessman towards work and life.

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He even saw that some rich people were happy and others unhappy. This leads him to wonder what life he really wants to live.

Then he found the answer to this question, which is that he wanted to live a simple life, a life to meet basic needs and a life like his parents traveling and providing for their children.

The final answer fell on coffee. Where Kenneth Soji needs an amazing cup of coffee every day. This is why he founded % Arabica.

To brew and serve the best coffee, Kenneth Soji borrowed money to buy a coffee farm in Hawaii. In September 2014, he opened the % Arabica flagship store in Kyoto, Japan.

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