Who invented basketball? Brief profile and history

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. You should be familiar with the sports which are almost always favorite extracurricular activities at school. But do you know who invented basketball?

A little information, basketball is played by two teams face to face. Each team consists of five players.

Each team must put the ball in the opponent’s basket to get as many points as possible. If a team collects more points than the opposing team, it wins.

So who actually invented basketball? So what about the history of basketball in Indonesia? Check out the explanation in this article, yuk detikers.

Getting to know the inventor of basketball

Described in the book Becoming a Great Basketball Player by Fekum Ariesbowo Werdihartohadi, the inventor of basketball is James Naismith. There is an interesting story behind the creation of basketball.

In 1891, Naismith worked as a physical education teacher at the YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) International Training School in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA. It was winter and the students were bored because they couldn’t do outdoor activities.

Naismith also racked his brains and looked for ways to create games that could be played indoors. He then spoke with YMCA coach Dr. Luther Gullick to find new types of fun games that students could play.

In the beginning, Naismith tried to change the sports that were widely played at that time, such as football, baseball, etc. However, none matched his desired criteria.

Naismith then experimented. He used a bigger ball, played with his hands and replaced the goal with a basket as the target. This then triggered the idea of ​​playing basketball, because you had to put the ball in a basket (in English it’s called basketball).

When the sport of basketball was created, each team consisted of nine people. Also, the players did not use the dribbling technique so the ball only changes hands when passing.

Brief Profile of the Inventor of Basketball

James Naismith was a sports school teacher in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA. Naismith is also a member pastor of the YMCA or Young Men’s Christian Association, a Christian youth organization.

James Naismith was born in Almonte, Canada on November 6, 1861. He began working as a physical education teacher at the YMCA in 1891.

On December 15, 1891, Naismith created the game known as basketball. A few months later, on January 20, 1892, Naismith officially organized a basketball game.

Over time, basketball became increasingly popular in the United States and spread around the world. Finally, in August 1936, precisely during the Berlin Olympics, Naismith was appointed honorary president of the International Basketball Federation (now FIBA).

Naismith died on November 28, 1939 in Lawrence, Kansas, USA. Less than six months after marrying for the second time.

Naismith is not only known as the inventor of basketball. He also pioneered the use of helmets in American football. This is to prevent head injuries when competing on the field.

13 Basic Basketball Techniques Written By James Naismith

In the early days of basketball training, James Naismith created the basic techniques and rules of the game. Quoted from the book Techniques and Learning in Basketball Games by Ella Anugrarista and friends, here are 13 basic basketball techniques written by Naismith in 1936 during the Berlin Olympics.

1. Basketball is played by passing (passing) in all directions using one hand or both hands.

2. Basketball is played by being hit in all directions using one hand or both hands, but cannot be hit with a clenched fist (hitting the ball).

3. Players are not allowed to run fast with a basketball. Thus, the player must pass the ball from the starting point when receiving the ball.

4. The basketball must be controlled by holding it in or between the palms of the hands, while other parts of the body are not allowed to hold the basketball.

5. Players cannot deliberately make moves such as butting, holding, pushing and hitting opposing players. In the event of a proven violation, the first warning will be given. If you commit an offense for the second time, you will be penalized in the form of disqualification. If a player intentionally commits an infraction in order to injure an opposing player, then the player is subject to a penalty of not playing throughout the game. This was very detrimental to the team because at that time there was no substitution system.

6. The following mistakes are made by the players: when hitting the ball with a fist (punch), breaking rules points 3 and 4 and breaking the things mentioned in point 5.

7. If a player or a team makes an error three times in a row, the error will be counted as an additional point for the opposing team (consecutive means without counter-fault by the opponent).

8. Points can be added if the ball thrown or kicked from the court enters the basket, in which case the player keeping the basket does not touch or interfere with the ball. If the ball lands on the edge of the basket or if an opposing player moves the basket, it will not count as a point.

9. If a player takes the ball out of play, then the ball will be returned and played by the first player to touch it. If there is a misunderstanding or difference of opinion regarding possession of the ball, the referee will throw the ball down the field. The player who threw the ball has 5 seconds to throw the ball. If he holds longer than this time, then possession of the ball will change. If a team does anything that may delay the game, the referee may give an infringement warning.

10. The referee observes the players’ play and records the number of violations and warns the assistant referee if there are consecutive violations. The referee has the full right to disqualify players who commit infractions according to the rules set out in point 5.

11. The assistant referee pays attention to the ball and takes a decision if the ball is considered to have left the field, changes possession of the ball and counts the time. The assistant referee also has the right to determine whether a point is valid or not and counts the number of balls that enter the ring.

12. Playing time is 4 halves with each half lasting 10 minutes.

13. The party that manages to get the ball through the most hoops will be declared the winner.

History of basketball around the world

When the game of basketball was discovered by James Naismith, of course at that time, there was no official organization overshadowing it. It was not until 1932 that an international basketball organization called FIBA ​​(International Basketball Federation) was formed. For information, FIBA ​​​​was only created after the recognition of this sport within the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in 1930.

Quoted from the book Physical Education and Health by Asep Kurnia Nenggala, FIBA ​​was created so that the sport of basketball could be managed as well as possible while being able to organize official competitions between countries, such as the Cup of the world which is organized by FIFA.

At that time, eight countries had launched FIBA, namely Argentina, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Romania, Portugal, Latvia and the Czech Republic. The first FIBA ​​President was Leon Bouffard (1932-1948), then the position of Secretary General was held by William Jones.

Since 1932, the headquarters of FIBA ​​was originally located in Geneva, Switzerland. The FIBA ​​office moved to Munich, Germany in 1956 before finally returning to Geneva in 2022.

In 1950, the official FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup competition was created to bring together national basketball teams from different countries. Then three years later, FIBA ​​launched the Women’s Basketball World Cup competition.

Just like the FIFA World Cup, the FIBA ​​World Cup takes place every four years. However, as the basketball event was held in the same year as the FIFA World Cup, the 2018 event was postponed for a year to 2019 so that it would not coincide with the FIFA World Cup. FIFA World 2018 in Russia.

History of Basketball in Indonesia

Quoted from the book Become a Great Basketball Player by Fekum Ariesbowo Werdihartohadi, the game of basketball was introduced in Indonesia in 1930. Basketball was one of the sports that was played in PON I, September 3, 1948 in Solo, Central Java.

At that time, the main organization of Indonesian basketball had not yet been formed. It was not until October 23, 1951 that the parent organization of the game of Indonesian basketball was born, namely the Indonesian Basketball Association (Perbasi). This organization was started by Tonny Wen and Wim Latumeten.

For the first time in history, Indonesia will host the FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup from August 25 to September 10, 2023. But Indonesia is not the only one, as Japan and the Philippines are also hosting the basketball world cup.

Unfortunately, the Indonesian basketball team did not participate in the FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup 2023. Indeed, Indonesia failed to qualify for the top 8 of the FIBA ​​Asia Cup after being beaten 58-108 by China in the quarter-finals. .

So there you have it, the complete answer to the question of who invented basketball with a brief profile. Hope this article can give some insight into the detikers on the game of basketball.

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