While leading the dawn prayer, the imam of the Toronto mosque in Canada is attacked

Hidayatullah.com — An imam leading the dawn prayer was suddenly attacked by a stranger. This incident of attacking the imam happened at a mosque in Scarborough, Toronto, Canada on Monday (12/12/2022).

The attack happened at 7 a.m. local time at the Islamic Foundation of Toronto (IFT) at 441 Nugget Ave. Please note that the time for the dawn prayer in Toronto begins at 06:17 and ends at 07:42.

According to the report from the Toronto mosque, the imam was “attacked”. However, two brave worshipers quickly stopped the person and called 911, the ITF wrote on Twitter.

“Toronto Police have arrested the individual and are currently investigating. We urge the public to remain vigilant.”

Toronto police informed the news agency CP24 that the attack was light and no one was hurt.

Initially, the police did not register the case as a hate crime because the arrested perpetrators had mental health issues. So far, no charges have been brought against the perpetrators.

Speaking to CP24, the National Council of Canadian Muslims expressed concern that the incident was not being investigated due to possible hate motives.

In the latest developments on Monday afternoon, Toronto police said they are continuing their investigation and “continue to be in contact with leaders of the Muslim community.”

“Toronto Police are thoroughly investigating all potential hate crimes. If charges are filed, updates will be provided,” police said on Twitter.

In a statement posted to Facebook on Monday afternoon, Imam Sheikh Yusuf Badat said he and many local Muslims were still “traumatized, scared and very worried” after the “terrible incident”.

As the leader of the Muslim community, he asked the police to provide answers to unanswered questions. For example, why was the attacker “allowed to leave in a vehicle after carrying out the attack?”

“I pray that no individual or community knows of the terrible incident that happened to the IFT congregation and to myself this morning,” he said.

In a tweet, Toronto Mayor John Tory expressed concern over the incident this morning. He was “relieved to know that no one had been injured”.

“Places of worship should always be safe places for all of our citizens,” Tory wrote.

“I thank the congregation who stepped in to help and the Toronto police for responding to and investigating this incident.”

According to the 2011 national census, Islam is the largest country in Canada after Christianity.

There are approximately 1.05 million Muslims in Canada, or about 3.2% of the total Canadian population. Most Muslims live in cities like Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, Montreal and Toronto.*

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