When Xi Jinping grumbled Canadian PM, Jokowi lost stage at G20

The reason is that Xi Jinping grumbled Trudeau because the content of the discussion regarding China’s interference in Canada’s internal affairs was leaked at the time of the G20, and even published by the media.

Political observer Rocky Gerung also commented on the unique incident at the G20 KKT event when he was interviewed by veteran journalist Hersubeno Arief, which aired on his YouTube channel last Friday (11/18) .

Rocky regretted that the Indonesian government could not provide a confidential space for Canada and China to discuss the issues that arose.

“So actually Indonesia is not neat in preparing meeting rooms between them to do four-eye gossip,” Rocky quoted RMOL political news agency, Saturday (19/11).

China and Canada, according to the knowledge of this former professor of philosophy at the University of Indonesia, have been experiencing tensions for 10 years, because there were problems of human rights violations in China, and recently in about the use of intelligence in China that has infiltrated through commerce to invade Canadian politics.

“So in fact the G20 is being watched by all the major powers to take advantage of it, because we’re just event planners, we’ve never understood the high level diplomatic game that America, Russia, China have actually prepared,” he said.

Because of this, he saw that Xi Jinping was angry with Tradeau over leaked diplomatic information, which had actually harmed the Indonesian government, especially President Joko Widodo.

The reason is that he believes that the emergence of information regarding the Canada-China issue should have been known to the Indonesian government in advance, so that it could become Jokowi’s discussion at the G20 summit.

“It was actually missed, under the stage. President Jokowi should have come and explained that there was a meeting between China and Canada with the aim of reducing tensions in the Indo-Pacific.” Ask all of them,” Rocky said. One example.

“It put Jokowi on the stage, like he was the moderator there. But that didn’t happen. So Pak Jokowi lost another point in international diplomacy. What people will remember is that. is that there was a gaffe in the G20 when the Indonesian presidency hosted it. . And this gaffe is bad for international relations,” he said.

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