What is October 19 Memorial Day?

KOMPAS.comOctober 19, 2022 falls on Wednesday. On this day there is a warning bra day or Bra Day.

Moreover, there are also other warnings today. Here is some important day which falls on October 19, 2022.

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bra day

bra day Golden Bra Day is celebrated in honor of women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. This day later pioneered No Bra Day or Day without a bra.

bra day celebrated on October 19 and has been around since 2011. Dr. Mitchell Brown, a Canadian plastic surgeon, originated the birth bra day.

Today, the main focus is to raise awareness about breast cancer, such as early detection, prevention, and treatment options.

bra day also has a mission to enable women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer to have access to the information they need, including breast reconstruction for patients undergoing mastectomy.

Not only for patients, education must also be given to families and the wider community.

world pediatric bone and joint day

World Pediatric Bone and Joint Day or Pediatric Bone and Joint Day (PB&J Day) is celebrated every October 19.

This day aims to raise awareness of common bone and joint problems experienced by children around the world.

With this day, it is hoped that parents and children will be able to discover the causes, symptoms and ways to treat bone and joint problems.

Of note, childhood obesity is a major contributor to bone and joint problems in children. By losing weight, bone and joint problems can be prevented from the start.

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world humanitarian day

World Humanitarian Day is celebrated every year on October 19. This day was proclaimed as a form of appreciation and respect for those who died saving others.

World Humanitarian Day also recognizes frontline fighters who face hardship and danger in carrying out their humanitarian mission to help others.

This day is linked to the World Humanitarian Day which is celebrated on August 19 every year. In general, these days are made to call for global support for humanitarian action.

SUDEP Awareness Day

sudden death called Sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP) is the leading cause of death in people with epilepsy.

To make SUDEP known, a SUDEP awareness day has been created.

SUDEP Awareness Day is celebrated annually on the third Wednesday of October. This year, the anniversary will fall on October 19.

This day aims for more people to highlight and engage in empowerment to reduce the risk of epilepsy and SUDEP.

To date, not all people with epilepsy are aware or knowledgeable about SUDEP and the risks that can lead to seizures, injury, or premature death.

The existence of SUDEP Awareness Day should increase the spread of important information about epilepsy and SUDEP so that it can save more people.

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