What is it again? Canada hits internet ‘apocalypse’, residents confused

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Canada’s largest mobile and internet service provider is experiencing major disruptions. The services of automatic banking machines and hotlines of emergency services are concerned.

The country’s largest internet service provider, Roger Communications, is having trouble providing a connection. ATM services, hospitals and government operations across the country were also affected.

The company said it was working quickly to resolve the issue.

“We know how important it is for our consumers to stay connected,” they said in a statement.

It is unclear what exactly caused their internet to crash. According to internet monitoring agency NetBlocks, internet traffic has dropped around 75% from normal levels due to the disruption. As we know, Rogers has 11 million subscribers across Canada.

The Toronto Police Department posted on Twitter that some mobile users were having difficulty calling emergency services, despite remaining “fully operational”.

“If your call fails, please try again or call from another carrier’s landline or cell phone,” Ottawa police wrote on Twitter.

The fall of the internet has also put immigration offices, courts and payment systems in trouble. The same goes for hospital services.

In urban areas, people flock to cafes and places with working Wi-Fi.

“There are a lot of people here with their laptops working hard, like they do at home, because they don’t have in-house service,” a Starbucks customer in Toronto told Reuters.

On Friday afternoon, Vice President Rogers told CBC the company was still working to identify the root cause of the problem.

“Currently we don’t have a timeline to fix this. I can’t say if today will be fully live or not,” Kye Prigg said.

This is the second major outage to hit Rogers in just over a year. Back in April, customers reported intermittent dropouts when trying to access data or make voice calls.

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