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MUDANEWS.COM – TNI Commander General Andika was visited by US Army Supreme Commander or US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark A Milley. This special visit was warmly welcomed by the meeting of the two commanders. Of course, the objective is to strengthen the ties between the two countries, in particular military cooperation.

In the near future, in August 2022, there will be a joint exercise between the Indonesian army and the US army and 14 other countries such as South Korea, Japan, Canada, ASEAN countries, the Britain, Australia and others. This Latma is proclaimed larger than the last Latma in 2021. The 16th Latma certainly strives to improve the combat quality of the TNI, especially the army.

Unlike last year’s joint exercises that took place in Baturaja, South Sumatra, Amborawang East Kalimantan and Makasilung, North Sulawesi, now, in addition to these locations, they will also focus more on Latma on Natuna Island. This choice is linked to the conflict in the South China Sea. Warning for China, which aspires to dominate the South China Sea.

Interesting and special for joint exercise 2022 with code “Super Garuda Shield”. There are at least three things, namely:

First, it’s Latma with the largest US military in history because besides the US, 14 other countries are also participating. Latma’s hardware includes live-fire training, special operations, and flight components.

Second, the “show of force” of strength by regional countries in the face of China’s threats to claims in the South China Sea. They involve land, sea and air components with amphibious landings in the Natuna Islands.

Third, it has an effect on Indonesia’s geopolitics and geostrategy, which shows the strengthening of relations with America rather than China. For Latma 2021, China sent a protest letter to the Indonesian government. Latma with the United States makes China hot and cold.

The people and the nation of Indonesia are concerned about the policy of the government which has close relations with the PRC. China’s debt, investment and labor are of concern. Therefore, Latma with the US military and 14 countries is now important and gives hope to the Indonesian people so that Jokowi’s government can review its close relationship with China.

It’s no laughing matter but worry that Mr. Jokowi will be slapped again by Xi Jinping tomorrow. Apparently long before being reprimanded by China, Jokowi went to China. Also, as usual, speaking of asking for the IKN debt and the like, it is also possible to “ask forgiveness” from Latma from America and its allies.

Or maybe Jokowi went to China to discuss preparations to show up if there was anything wrong with the Indonesian state. Like Sri Lanka. People are increasingly annoyed with the problem of the Jokowi government’s incompetence. People began to intensely push back or be repelled. Contrary to desire or support to serve three terms.

Welcome U.S. soldiers to joint exercises Aug. 1-14. Welcome troops from friendly countries. The presence is important to increase the confidence of the TNI in maintaining the integrity of the unitary state of the Republic of Indonesia.

August 17 is Indonesian Independence Day and August 18 is Pancasila Ideology Day. Hari expels the invaders and strengthens the foundations of state life.

Trust and understanding do not fade with age, what is there is a fighting spirit to keep changing the situation. Free and winning.

Former U.S. Army and United Nations Command Chief of Staff Douglas MacArthur once said:

“A better world should emerge on the basis of faith and understanding”
A better world emerges on the basis of faith and understanding.

Faith in God’s help and understanding that change requires global solidarity. Indonesia feels closer to change. Jokowi and his oligarchic friends certainly understand this.

The joint exercise America and 14 countries cannot be stopped.

By: M Rizal Fadillah – Political and National Observer

Bandung, July 26, 2022

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