Wali, the Canadian sniper who finally returned, disappointed and reveals the dilapidated state of the Ukrainian army

BANGKAPOS.COM, QUEBEC — The sniper aka the sniper with the initials “Guardian” of Canada has finally returned from Ukraine.

Yes, a former Canadian soldier who was known as a sniper or a sniper with the initials “Guardian” admitted that he was disappointed with the military situation in Ukraine.

In a video interview with Canadian news outlet La Presse Quebec, Wali said there was chaos, looting and incompetence in the Ukrainian military.

The figure of Wali once had its place in the mainstream Western media. He was glorified as a great figure who inspired many foreign fighters to come to the aid of Ukraine.

Guardian is back in Quebec, Canada, where he is from. He was only briefly in Ukraine and claimed never to have fired on an enemy.

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To local Quebec media, Wali expressed his great disappointment. He claimed inadequate weapons, poor training, profits and military desertion.

The Guardian responded to a call from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in March for foreigners to join the international legion to help Ukraine.

He volunteered to fight to get to Ukraine. Moreover, the news of Wali’s presence was widely covered by Western media.

Diglorified Western mainstream media

He is described as a former Canadian soldier who also volunteered to fight alongside Kurdish militants in Iraq.

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