VIDEO: The Netherlands beat Canada in the final match of Week 3 of the Volleyball Nations League Women’s 2022, Jakarta Third week Volleyball Nations League Women’s 2022, Monday (04/07/22) morning WIB, ended with a match between Dutch to oppose Canada. In the match which took place in Calgary, Canada, the Dutch team managed to beat the home team 3-1 (22-25, 27-25, 26-24, 25-23).

The match between the two teams was very exciting. Both teams battled for points from start to finish and finished each set tight. The Canadian team in the first set managed to gain a 25-22 advantage. However, in the second set, they failed to maintain their lead. The Dutch managed to lead 27-25 in the second set. In the third set, despite a tough fight, the hosts were again unable to turn the tide. Canada lost 24-26 in the third set.

The fourth set became the final set because Canada again couldn’t get the upper hand. The Netherlands emerged victorious from this match, with a score of 25-23. The Netherlands won 3-1.

This victory makes Dutch is ranked 11th in the Volleyball Nations League Women’s 2022 standings with a collection of 14 points in 12 matches. Whereas Canada, is one rank below the Netherlands, who are in 12th place with 12 points from 12 matches. The two teams will certainly not qualify for the round of 16. Volleyball Nations League 2022.

Highlights of football matches volleyball You can see the world between the Netherlands and Canada in the video above.

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