VIDEO: Moments Canadian national team win gold after beating Sweden in Tokyo 2020 Women’s Olympic Soccer Final, Yokohama – The Canadian national team won a gold medal in women’s soccer at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics on Friday (6/8/2021) evening WIB. The score was achieved after Christine Sinclair and her friends beat the Swedish national team in the final held at the International Stadium in Yokohama, Japan.

The Swedish national team has enough chances to enter the goal of the Canadian national team. However, his chances have not been there or could still be thwarted by goalkeeper Stéphanie Labbé.

Canada was beaten first by Sweden in the first half. Stina Blackstenius scored a goal in the 34th minute. Kosovore Asllani sent a low cross into the penalty area. The ball from Asllani’s assist was greeted by Blackstenius with a direct kick. The horizontal ball kicked by Blackstenius could not be blocked by Labbe. The score of 1-0 lasted until the end of the first half.

The second half, the Swedish national team still has several opportunities. They try to penetrate the opponent’s goal with kicks from outside the penalty area. However, the ball from those shots still did not lead to Labbe’s goal.

The Canadian national team even scored a goal in the 67th minute. Jessie Fleming scored a goal from the penalty spot. The penalty was won by Canada after the referee saw the VAR (Video Assistant Referee) broadcast. The video shows Amanda Ilestedt dropping the captain, Christine Sinclair.

The 1-1 score lasted until the end of regular game time. The game went into extra time, but no more goals were scored. As a result, a penalty shootout took place.

The Swedish national team lost 2-3 against the Canadian national team. All four Swedish kickers failed, while Canada’s only three kickers failed to score. A kick from midfielder Julia Grosso helped Bev Priestman’s men win gold at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in women’s football.

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