US-Russia relations heat up, Putin reconnaissance plane spotted near Alaskan space

TRIBUNKALTIM.CO – After the conflict in Ukraine, relations between the United States and Russia seemed strained and even heated.

Because the United States is trying to help Ukraine destroy Russia, Putin was furious and criticized the actions of the United States which also manifested in their invasion of Ukraine.

Until it was reported that Russian reconnaissance planes were seen circling near Alaskan airspace.

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The US military is known to have said Russian military reconnaissance planes entered the Alaska Air Defense Identification Zone twice in the past two days.

A US F-22 fighter jet intercepted the second aircraft as it entered airspace, a US defense official said.

As reported by voanewsThe air defense identification zone extends beyond a nation’s airspace to cover areas where a nation attempts to identify, locate, and control aircraft for security purposes.

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The Russian plane remained in international airspace and did not enter US or Canadian sovereign airspace, according to a social media post by the North American Aerospace Defense Command. or NORAD.

“We remain prepared to use a number of response options to defend North American and Arctic sovereignty,” the message added.

It was the first reported incident of a Russian military aircraft approaching Alaskan airspace in 2022, but sightings have become common in recent years.

Russian military aircraft were tracked in the Alaska Air Defense Identification Zone 14 times in 2020, the highest in recent years, with six such incidents occurring in the space of just one month .

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